Garage Door Maintenance tips

The Door

Wash and clean your garage door way: Rinse the area using a garden hose to eliminate all free soil and deposit, apply a fluid “Wash ‘n polish auto cleaner having a carwash glove or sponge as you’d utilize on your vehicle, and rinse the area using a garden hose. Avoid powerful fluid cleansers, or harsh cleansers.

Your do or once a year wills re-vitalize, equally distribute a thin coating of polish to prevent wax accumulations in the the conclusion and follow vehicle polish program directions. Make use of a soft-bristle brush, and gradually take away the surplus if wax accumulations are unable to be removed using a material. (Prevent accumulations around overlays and window casings)


Many weather-stripping is manufactured from quality P.V.C. and thus should be washed with an allpurpose plastic cleanser, as you might use on your terrace furniture. Lubricate the weather-stripping every three to to 6 weeks using a silicon-based acrylic. Don’t use oil-based oils as this can cause reduction of flexibility. Crude oil reduces its flexibility and attacks the gum elastic.

Springs monitor, knobs, wheels,

Lubricate wheels, knobs and the paths using a silicon lube. This is going to create a more quiet functioning.